About the Writer

I am a former US Army officer, diplomat, corporate security investigator, and adjunct professor of modern Chinese history. I spent most of my career in East and South Asia, running around sticking my nose into other people’s business.   

Thanks to a generous grant, help from the Jamestown Foundation, and guidance from the Naval Institute Press, Peter Mattis and I published Chinese Communist Espionage in November, 2019.   The work contains entries on Beijing’s intelligence leaders, other significant personalities, espionage cases, technology acquisition operations, and a link to a Web-based glossary of espionage and security terms in Chinese.

My next book will be a narrative history of CCP intelligence with a lengthy  analysis of Beijing’s present-day intelligence community.

Besides that research, I work for a Washington, DC consulting firm that specializes in studies on China for organizations that must constantly measure the risk of operating there. Contact me for details about how we can assist you in responding to the increasing difficulties of doing business in the PRC.